Welcome to Gode Consult

About Our Company

Gode Consult is an international Consultancy firm established in June 2010, that provides top advisory service, program formulation…

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Our Services

These services are performed by our skilled team of experts, who are well-versed with the changing technology…

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Our Projects

Pre-identification of potential EU’s contribution to the Green Economy sector in Ghana through the development of local…

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What We Do

Green Economy and Eco-Enterprises program 

To assess how Green Economy can increase trade competitiveness by moving into green markets for the following sectors: agricultural products including seeds production, renewable energy…

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Agribusiness and climate change services

Develop mechanisms to manage forests in a balanced way for a long term sustainable economic growth, to support livelihoods of local and rural communities through a comprehensive…

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Forest livelihoods and program design

Conduct policy-relevant research, analysis and outreach that inform and influence the development of national government conservation policies, including on protected area management, payment for..

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We believe in partnership and our clients are the most cherish partners of the firm. We own our client excellence and quality service.

Integrating local knowledge

Local knowledge is an asset and we endeavor to further add on to existing knowledge whiles introducing up to date innovation in our program design.

Capacity Building

We believe in Capacity building and ensure that every assignment has lasting impact on the life’s of potential beneficiaries.

Mission: To bridge the gap between rural development and urban development through effective designs of pro poor project for interested organizations.

Vision: To provide and facilitate development of effective programs for NGO’s/CBO in Africa and the world at large.