Mr. Daniel KOFI ABU is a renowned Social Environmental, Agro-based Value chain financing & Green Economy Development Expert in Africa. He has obtained MBA in International Business along with BA in Integrated Development Studies. Mr. Daniel has more than 10 years of professional experience in Program design, management, formulation/development, monitoring and evaluation related to Social protection financing, Forest livelihoods, Agribusiness and post-conflict Agriculture policy financing, integrated green growth, Climate mitigation & adaptation. Mr. Daniel has a unique combination of experiences that encompasses both green economy & eco-enterprise development related issues like: capacity building, community & organizational development, Agro-based value chains, agriculture policy & livelihood development, private-public partnership etc. He has cross-cutting experience across the West Africa Region in Green economy and community-based approach in promoting green Agribusiness products. Mr. Daniel for his in-depth research ability has done several publications on climate change and adaptation and integrating of MSME’s into green economy for wealth creation. He has excellent knowledge of inclusive business models that integrate MSMEs into mainstreaming efforts.




Doreen Asumang-Yeboah is an experienced and competent Natural Resource Scientist and a Development Change Facilitator with a BSc. in Natural Resources Management (Silviculture & Forest Resources Management) and a Masters in Development Policy and planning both from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Ghana.

Doreen has extensive experience in project management, organizational development and M&E, and a repertoire of agriculture and forestry related activities including climate change, REDD+ and FLEGT VPA in Ghana.

Doreen is a leading voice in Ghana on natural resource policy reforms that allow communities sustainable access, management, and benefit from agriculture and natural resources. An advocate of devolution management & ownership rights of social development, biodiversity conservation and food security processes, Doreen works with communities, traditional leadership, government, civil society and private sector in Ghana.

She has over the years been in constant engagement with communities, traditional authorities, governments, civil society and the timber industry in Ghana. This is by virtue of her facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes at the local, district, regional and national level to promote good Forest Governance in Ghana.  Doreen has over 10years experience from successful work with different organizations, on full time and consultancy basis including CARE International, the National Forestry Forum-Ghana, PAB Consult, Forest Consult, Forestry Commission, Working Group on Forest Certification, WWF, FoE and DOLTA.




Kennedy is value added and practicing development professional with over 6 years working experience as a Project Coordinator, Social Worker, Teacher, and a Counselling Psychologist. He has adequate skills in people management, conflict resolution, and supreme therapeutic evaluation in the context of children and adult counselling.

Subject specialties: Human Resource Management, Industrial Sociology, Career Development and Counseling Techniques and Practice. Kennedy has an M.A. Counselling Psychology/Guidance and Counselling from Methodist University College in Ghana and a B. A. (Arts), Sociology and Social Work.               Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Kumasi, Ghana.



Mac-Issaka is seasoned development researcher with in-depth skills in policy evaluation, project baseline development, special field survey design and deployment, participatory field evaluation and learning. Mac-Issaka has previously been engaged on series of consultancy assignment involving EU, DFID and USAID.   Subject specialties include: policy evaluation, Program evaluation and monitoring, development research, Baseline development, market research, participatory program evaluation, impact monitoring designs and frameworks. Mac has an MPhil in Actuarial Science from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Kumasi, Ghana.